The main thrust of CDH Pune initiatives is to support Indian scholars and educators who are exploring and developing digital humanities research and projects. We do so by offering skill-building workshops and winter schools, sponsoring conference panels and small scholarships, and providing consultation services for DH courses and programs. The Center also pursues short-term digital projects which are of local or national significance.


DH Winter School
Biennially held, the DH Winter School offers an opportunity for Indian scholars to participate in workshops and discussions on digital research methods and digital pedagogy. This event has been held in 2014 and 2016, and it will be held again in December 2018 in Pune. As we would like this to be a networking opportunity, invited speakers for the Winter School are generally DH scholars located in India. In previous years, we have had workshops and presentations by Sukanta Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University), Rahul Gairola (IIT Roorkee), Nirmala Menon (IIT Indore), Souvik Mukherjee (Presidency University), and Padmini Ray Murray (Shristi).

DH Workshops & Talks
CDH Pune sponsors research talks and one day workshops by visiting DH scholars in Pune. We also support DH panels at the International Conference on Language, Literature, and Culture (ICLLC) organized by our sister institute, IASE Pune.



The 2016 DH Winter School led to a special issue on Digital Humanities published by Asian Quarterly.

Journal Name: Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues
Special Issue Title: Special Issue in Digital Humanities
Special Issue Editor: Dr. Dhanashree Thorat
Published: Feb 2018, Volume 15, Issue 4



Building a DH program

Developing DH courses



HASTAC Scholars Program

Travel Grants for DH conferences



Martin Luther King, Jr. in India

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